Group of Moroccan women carriers, known as "Mules", in an industrial estate of Ceuta, Spain, waiting to cross the checkpoint where the volume of the package is checked before entering Morocco on January 10, 2018.

On more than one occasion, women have died as a result of human avalanches. They queue on the Moroccan side since the day before to try to cross to the Spanish industrial estate, since the number of people authorized to enter fluctuates according to the day.

Currently each woman earns about €35 per package, 40/50Kg – weight, being able to do it only two days a week, Monday and Wednesday. A daily package per person is allowed to cross.

The mules pick up the packages in one of the Spanish warehouses and take them to Morocco where they deliver them to the relevant receiver. This person identifies what his merchandise is by a number that is written on the package.