Alejandro Martínez Vélez Alejandro Martínez Vélez


Alejandro Martínez Vélez, 1991, is a photojournalist currently based in Madrid, Spain.

He began his photography training at Lens School of Visual Arts, combining it with his university studies in Political Sciences (Complutense Univesity of Madrid). His work focuses especially on social conflicts, human rights or political issues. He is currently documenting the exodus of hundreds of thousands of people to Europe.

His pictures have been exhibited in different cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul, New York, Moscow, Shanghai, Tokyo, Warsaw, Milan, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Budapest, Mexico City or Beirut.


2023 - Budapest International Foto Awards, Editorial category. 1st place
2023 - Tokyo International Foto Awards, Editorial category. Honourable Mention
2023 - Felix Schoeller Photo Award, Photojournalism/Editorial. Shortlisted
2023 - ASISAFOTO International Photography Contest. FIAP Honourable Mention
2023 - All About Photo Awards. Merit Mention

2022 - ND Photographer of The Year Award 2022. Winner
2022 - ND Editorial Photographer of The Year 2022. Winner
2022 - ND Awards, Editorial: General News category. 1st place
2022 - International Photography Awards - IPA Awards, Editorial: War/Conflict. 2nd place
2022 - Tokyo International Foto Awards, Photographer of the Year. Winner
2022 - Tokyo International Foto Awards, Editorial category. 1st place
2022 - Budapest International Foto Awards, Editorial: Conflict. Gold Award
2022 - Independent & Freelance Photojournalism Awards (IFPA), Spot News. Nominated
2022 - II Barcelona Human Rights International Photo Festival. Finalist 
2022 - Chromatic Photography Awards, Photojournalism category. 1st place
2022 - ASISAFOTO International Photography Contest. FIAP Honourable Mention

2019 - Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar, Feature Picture Story/Essay. 2nd place
2019 - Human Rights Photo Contest of Amnesty International of Andalucia. Winner
2019 - The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, Single Portrait. 2nd place
2019 - ASISA International Photo Awards, Free Choice Category. Remarkable Award

2018 - Enrique Meneses National Photojournalism Award, Spain. Winner
2018 - National Photojournalism Award of Siero, Spain. 1st place
2018 - Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar, Feature. Honorable Mention
2018 - Siena International Photo Awards, Story-telling. Honorable Mention
2018 - VOHH International Foto Fest, Gold Medal. Winner
2018 - SOS Racism Photo Award, Single Picture. Winner
2018 - Signo Editores Photo Contest, News Photojournalism. Special Mention

2017 - Manos Unidas Prize for Photojournalism. Winner
2017 - International Photography Contest French Alliance in Spain and EFTI. 2nd prize
2017 - The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, Grand Prix. Winner
2017 - The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, Top News Series. 1st place
2017 - Special Prize "For Humanitarian Photography" by ICRC (Andrei Stenin Contest). Winner
2017 - Images of International Cooperation, University of Zaragoza. Winner
2017 - 3rd Edition of Photogrvphy Grant. Finalist